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1.Select Register on Home page

2.There are 3 steps to follow under Registration:

• Step 1 – Register

1. Fill out all the mandatory fields and necessary details. (Marked as ‘*’).

2. Meter Number must have 11 digits.

3. Cell Phone Number should be valid and active.

4. Password must be 7 characters long and have numbers and characters.

5. Email must be a valid and active email address.

Note: Account ID (i.e. Username) must be a valid and active email address. This will be used to login to your Account page (Manage Account service).

6. Select "Register"

• Step 2 – Activate Service

An account activation email will be sent in your registered email address. To activate your WireIT account, open your registered email address and click on the activation link.

Clicking on the activation link leads to the Activation success page with confirmation that the service is now activated. In case you can’t click the link, you may copy the link and paste it in the address bar of your web browser.

• Step 3 – Login and use our online service.